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// Frozen Ocean - First Fucking Vynil 7” Out Now//

Side a and b of Frozen Ocean’s debut 7” on Coffin Cut. Frantic and ramshackle Western Australian backyard punk, pressed on random coloured vinyl in an edition of 300.

Mastered for Digital and Vinyl at Galaxial Acid Audio.

Buy now on Coffin Cut Records


// Usurper of Modern Medicine - Osmosis Vol. 1//

Usurper of Modern Medicine have released a new compilation for free through their bandcamp site.

Head here to download: http://usurperofmodrenmedicine.bandcamp.com

Tracks 1 and 2 mixed and mastered by Galaxial Acid Audio, tracks 3-6 mastered by GAA.

// This is Nowhere - Inglorious Buskers Video Series//

Galaxial Acid Audio recently worked with production company Blue Forest Media to create a series of performance videos for the upcoming This is Nowhere Festival hosted by Life is Noise.

A series of six videos filmed at the University of Western Australia’s Somerville Auditorium, the series persents an array of the local Perth-based peformers, peresenting their songs live and acoustically from the Auditorium itself. 

The first four episodes featuring Andrew Ewing, Chris Cobilis, Rachael Dease and Peter Bibby are online now.

This is Nowhere Festival 2012 is being held Sunday October 14th at the Sommerville Auditorium and Dolphin Theatre at the University of Western Australia, tickets available now.

Life is Noise - http://www.lifeisnoise.com

This is Nowhere - http://thisisnowhere.com.au/

Blue Forest Media - http://www.blueforestmedia.com.au

#1 Andrew Ewing - ‘Don’t Stop Coco’


#2 Chris Cobilis - ‘Heritage Listed Skatepark’


#3 Rachael Dease - ‘Lover’s Little Helper’


#4 Peter Bibby - ‘Medicine’


// New - Salamander ‘Neocambrian’ (LP) Record Label Records//

New from Salamander - ‘Neocambrian

Mastered at Galaxial Acid Audio

The second LP from Salamander, Neocambrian will be seeing a physical release on Record Label Records (http://www.recordlabelrecords.org/) later this year.

Salamander has just released the album for streaming and purchase on bandcamp.

Link: salamandertwo.bandcamp.com

// GAA Introductory Offer for June//

To celebrate the launch of Galaxial Acid Audio mastering services we are offering a special price to any projects booked in for the next month of June 2012.

Book in your project this month for a discount offer of $40AUD per track digital master.

Conditions apply please contact steve@galaxialacid.com for more info or consult our pricing page to know more.

// Human Xerox Project 2 - Rabbit Island ‘My Own Private’//

The newest release featuring mastering by Galaxial Acid Audio is the huge double CD compilation ‘Human Xerox Project’ which brings together 24 artists from Australia and around the globe to provide their own renditions of a single song. The song featured in this compilation is ‘My Own Private’ by Rabbit Island which originally featured on her 2011 debut album ‘O God Come Quick’

Artists featured include Andy Citawarman of Snowman, Runner, Perth, Cameron Potts of Baseball and High Tea, Cow Parade Cow, Peter Bibby of Frozen Ocean, Cat Hope and many more.

Link: Rabbit Island on Facebook

// GAA Project Page Now Live//

A selection of various works that Galaxial Acid Audio has been involved with in mixing and mastering has been updated now on the Project Page.

Galaxial Acid Audio Project Page

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